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Keeping Up with Medina Matters

by Bev Barr

Sharing my new Easter and Passover tradition

There are very few movies that I whole-heartedly recommend others invest their time to see; “Risen,” a biblical story released in 2016, is one of those rare exceptions.
“Risen” unfolds like many stories of mystery. It begins with a crime and proceeds with a detective figuring out what happened. Viewers piece together clues to the mystery along with the detective. Often in such stories, we armchair inspectors are privy to more information than the detective, which allows us to anticipate the detective’s discovery of the truth, because, let’s face it ‘— everything is not intuitively obvious. This is certainly the case with the story of the crucifixion and the resurrection of Jesus.
In “Risen,” Pontius Pilate orders the Tribune Clavius, an ambitious commander of approximately 1,000 men in the 10th Roman Legion, to solve the mystery of the missing corpse of Yeshua, a man rumored to be the Jewish Messiah and who was recently crucified. Everything about Yeshua — his life, death and subsequent disappearance — was politically destabilizing.
Clavius hunts for and finds a very-much-alive Yeshua sitting with his disciples, but he conceals the discovery from his soldiers, the law. Clavius’s personal encounter with the mysterious reality of Yeshua initiates a pursuit of discovering the truth of a much greater mystery than any missing body.
There are many beautiful moments in this mesmerizing and thought-provoking film. The ending is an intimate recognition of a heart’s deepest desire and the soul-stirring, irrevocable change of an individual. It is also a demonstration of mutual respect, because even among friends who witnessed a profound and rare encounter with God, people react to good news differently. I plan on watching “Risen” once a year, for some years to come.
Saturday, April 22
Trees, Shrubs and Vegetables – Oh My!
The annual fundraising plant sale and raffle benefiting The Rose Garden Club of Medina will be from 8 am to 2 pm, Saturday, at the community center on Highway 16. Among the many items donated to this year’s raffle is a set of wooden dominoes made from live oak by Paul Rainey; “Critters of the Red Heart,” a book about butterflies, by Merry Langlinais; a quilted wall hanging; and an original painting. The cost is $1 for one raffle ticket; $5 for 7 tickets; or $10 for 15 tickets. The drawing for raffle items will be at 2 pm. Participants do not have to be present to win, but need to be available by telephone.
For more information about the annual plant sale & raffle or club membership, call president, Carole Gibson at 830-589-2604 or send an email to
Thursday, April 20
MVFD Board of Directors meeting
The Board of Directors and volunteers for the Medina Volunteer Fire Department will meet at 7 pm at the community center. The public is invited and welcome to attend. Mark your calendar for a Fundraising Fish-Fry, from 11 am to 2 pm, Sunday, May 7.
LEGOs at the library
Play with the popular construction toy starting at 3:30 pm at the library. An adult must accompany children younger than 8 years old.
Story Time at the library
Spend quality time with your little one from 10:30 to 11 am at the library.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Anyone who wants to change their drinking behavior is welcome to attend the Alcoholics Anonymous support group that meets at 7 pm every Thursday in the Cottage of Medina United Methodist Church, 266 Reed Avenue.