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Avoid the Pitfalls of Medicare Prescription Drug Prices


Publisher's note:
Toni King is an author, columnist and radio and TV personality, and has spent more than 27 years as a top sales leader in the Medicare and health insurance fields. She has also conducted “Confused about Medicare “ workshops throughout Texas and the southeastern United States. In 2009, Toni was holding a Medicare workshop in Greenville, Mississippi, when a member of the audience asked a question about his not needing Medicare Part B. Toni met with the gentleman after the workshop and it didn’t take her long to find out that he had received wrong information from his local Social Security office. It took a couple of days to get this overwhelming problem straightened out and get him his Medicare Part B. When it was all finished, her role as an insurance agent had changed to that of advocate for people on Medicare. It was then that she took the Medicare and You handbook and put it into “people terms” so the average person could understand Medicare.
The Courier feels that the weekly addition of Toni's column will prove to be a benefit to many of our local readers. Please let us know what you think.

Not sure what to do because I have lost my job effective July 21st. I am not 65, but my husband, who is an insulin dependent diabetic with heart issues turned 65 in June. He has enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B.
With Jim’s health issues, we know that a Medicare Supplement with a prescription drug plan is his best option because his doctors have said they like “Original Medicare” best, but he takes over 17 prescriptions a day. Many are brand name with only a few being generic.
Most of his prescriptions are covered with a simple copay and we are concerned that Jim will dive into the “famous” Medicare donut hole. How do we know which is the right Medicare Part D plan for him?
Please guide us to find the best plan to fit Jim’s prescriptions and not financially break us. Thanks, Ashley from Athens, TX

Great question, Ashley:
The cornerstone of Medicare planning at the Toni Says office is focusing on prescription drug planning. The first topic discussed at a Medicare consultation is what Medicare Part D prescription drug plan or plans cover all your prescriptions. Most do not realize that not all medications are covered under Medicare Part D and they must pay 100% out of pocket for those which are not covered.
Below are the 1,2,3…steps to do your own Medicare Part D prescriptions drug planning and know which plan best fits your prescription drug needs.
1) Go to
2) Click on the first green box which says “Find health & drug plan
3) Put in your zip code and click “Find Plan” box.
4) Step 1 of 4: Enter Information: fill in 2 boxes that says…Box #1 says…I don't know what coverage I have. Box #2 says…I don’t know.
Step 2 of 4: Enter Your Drugs
Step 3 of 4: Select Your Pharmacies…you can select only 2 pharmacies.
Step 4 of 4 Redefine Your Plan…for prescription drug plan only check first box. For MAPD click what Medicare Advantage Plan best fits your Medicare Prescription Drug needs. You can check both or all 3 boxes if you like.
5) Finally…Your Plan Results…click on the first boxes (maximum of 3). Chose the first box and then pick 2 more and make sure that you have chosen one with the Part D deductible and one which is enhanced with no deductible.
6) View Your Plan Comparison…it will tell you the monthly premium, deductible, costs and if all drugs are covered on the plan you have picked.
7) Under section saying, “Monthly Drug costs at Retail Pharmacy…your monthly costs and if or when you go into the donut hole or into catastrophic coverage will appear.
8) Click on “View Drug Cost Summary” this section tells the pharmacy price for each prescription with also copay and cost when in coverage gap and catastrophic coverage.
Pick which Medicare Part D plan best fits your needs, covers your prescriptions and the pharmacy that you like is included. Click on the enroll button and fill out your paperwork.
You will be enrolling via the website.
To explore your Medicare options, visit and sign up for the Toni Says® newsletter, download the 2017 Medicare costs and receive a free copy of the 2017 Medicare Prescription Drug Survival Guide e-book version.
Do you need questions about Medicare answered, contact Toni or a member of the Toni Says® Team at or call 1-844-250-Toni (8664). Toni King is author of the Medicare Survival Guide® is on sale at