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Hunter Beaton Receives Community Service Award from DAR


Boerne, Texas – Hunter Beaton is not your typical Eagle Scout. He is impressive because his project at completion stirred his heart to continue his project of offering a simple piece of dignity - a Day 1 Bag - to those children in foster care. The presentation of Certificate and pin will take place on Wednesday, August 23 at 1:30 pm at the Old Courthouse, 201 E. San Antonio St. in the restored Courtroom where Judge Morris decides the placement of foster children into foster care. All are welcome to join us in honoring Hunter Beaton.
Before his Eagle Project, Hunter had watched his three adopted siblings arrive at their home scared, and their few belongings carried inside a black plastic bag. That image remained in Hunter’s kind heart that children are worth more than a garbage bag that they carry into a new home. His Eagle project was a great success providing 100 children a nice duffel bag that was theirs to keep. But, after the Eagle was earned, Hunter began to worry about all the other children who would not be receiving a nice duffel bag. He began to lobby many of the welfare boards and organizations to use his Day 1 Bags for children being relocated to foster care. He found a company who would make the bags and provide them to the agencies at a low cost. Hunter spoke to the State level board of Child Welfare in February 2017. The State board approved and endorsed the acquisition and sustainment of the duffel bags for all foster children that were being placed in another home. Hunter’s Day 1 Bags started in Kendall County but now are offered state wide in all the agencies that assist and place foster children. This is quite an accomplishment for a kind, humble young man who has “done his best”, served his community, and still maintains the supply of Day 1 Bags through .
George W. Kendall NSDAR will be recognizing Hunter Beaton as a worthy individual to receive the Daughters of the American Revolution Community Service Award. The award honors the recipient for having contributed to the Community in an outstanding manner through voluntary benevolent service. In this case, Hunter has honored and dignified the foster children from Kendall County to the state of Texas when those children are in their most difficult day.
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