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St Christopher's welcomes all to Tasting Tea


Kiddo Wright, founder of the Tasting Tea at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, is pictured with two cowboys enjoying the food in 1995.

Kick-off your Christmas season in Bandera on Friday, Dec. 8 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the annual Tasting Tea at St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church on Highway 173 North. This Bandera event was created over 30 years ago by Kiddo Wright, as a fundraiser for the Episcopal Women of the Church group at St. Christopher’s to support local charities and parish projects. Members of the parish prepare appetizers, entrees, salads, side dishes and desserts. A Taste of Bandera table features the chef-prepared food from several local establishments. contributing a particular specialty. Tickets are available at the door for $10; and cookbooks will be on sale for $10. Mark your calendar for a good time in Bandera!