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Public Announcement

Judge Mike Towers, Justice of the Peace for Precinct One in Bandera County, announced his candidacy today for re-election in the Republican Primary. Judge Towers was first elected in 2014. Prior to being elected as Justice of the Peace in Bandera County, Judge Towers retired as a Sergeant in the Bexar County Constable’s office with a Master Peace Officer’s License, where he served for many years. Judge Towers also served as a Texas Peace Officer in Bandera and Atascosa Counties.
Prior to entering law enforcement, Judge Towers had a successful high-tech career, including working as a field engineer in crew training and flight simulation at NASA on SkyLab and engineering and R&D at Datapoint Corporation, a Fortune 500 computer company in San Antonio.
Judge Towers is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, where he met his wife of 40 years, who is a graduate of Rice University. Judge Towers and Joyce both had successful careers in high-tech, and also have three wonderful children, all of whom attended Bandera schools, and three grandchildren (and counting).
Judge Towers said, “I would like to thank the people of Bandera County for bestowing upon me the honor and responsibility of being their judge. The JP courts, especially in rural counties, are indeed the people’s courts, hearing more cases than all the other higher courts combined. I personally have adjudicated thousands of cases since taking the bench. I have presided over death inquests, civil cases in the many thousands of dollars, evictions, debt claims, and more. I have issued hundreds of death certificates, search warrants, blood warrants, arrest warrants, emergency protective orders, and set bond on many, many arrested persons. And,I have even released a few when I felt they were arrested without sufficient probable cause.”
Judge Towers went on to say, “When I first took the bench, I asked a fellow judge how he would rule on a case. He told me, ‘The people who elected you entrusted you with the power and responsibility to pass judgment upon them. They elected you Judge because they expect you to render your best judgment.’
“I have tried every day, with every case, to be objective, hear the evidence, and then render my best judgment based on common sense, the law, and The Constitution.
“Please vote for me in the March 6 Republican primary election. I promise you I will continue to judge each case as best I can, and to strictly apply The Constitution. The late Supreme Court Justice Judge Anton Scalia ruled in the Heller case in 2008 that the 2nd Amendment applies to we the people, and not just the reserves or National Guard. What he really said, and much more profoundly, is that all 10 Amendments apply to all people, all the time. Powerful politicians don’t get to Easter Egg and pick the ones they like and ignore all the rest. My job is to see that ALL people who come before me get all 10 Amendments guaranteed in The Constitution — all the time.