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Fundraiser underway to support Bandera academic decathlon teams


The Bandera academic decathlon teams will be selling tickets for the chance to win a knife forged by local skilled blade smiths, J.D. Montague and Sergio Menchaca. The artistry and skill of Montague and Menchaca makes these knives a valued gift for any season. The academic decathlon team is raising money for team shirts. Last year the Bandera academic decathlon team became the state champions and are seriously engaged in efforts to repeat their accomplishments. Those interested in supporting the decathlon team or interested in purchasing a ticket for one of these knives will find the team selling tickets at the local Lowes grocery store on Saturday, Dec. 16. The team will only sell 60 tickets at $20 each. Once the tickets are sold the chance drawing will take place for each of three artistically crafted knives. Knives should be available for delivery by Dec. 23.