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Bandera County farmers, ranchers to benefit from shift at USDA


IF Bandera County farmers and ranchers can grow and raise it, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) will find a place to sell it.
Bandera County Farm Bureau (CFB) applauds that sentiment from United States Secretary of Agriculture George "Sonny" Perdue.
Perdue recently announced the creation of a new position at USDA to promote American agricultural products at home and abroad.
"Having an undersecretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs emphasizes an investment in American grown and raised products for consumers at home and abroad," Barbara Mazurek, CFB President, said. "It supports Bandera County farmers and ranchers and our local economy by ensuring their products are promoted in the global marketplace.
Perdue announced the new position May 11, which is part of the reorganization of USDA.
The undersecretary will be charged with ensuring American farmers and ranchers are well equipped to sell their products around the world.
"A merican farmers and ranchers actually produce more than United States consumers need, thanks to advanced technique," Barbara said, "Trade allows us to sell other countries our excess. Products our consumers want that aren't available here can be imported. Promoting trade really helps consumers and agriculture."
United States agricultural and food exports account for 20 percent of the value of production, according to the USDA. Every dollar of those exports created another $1.27 in business activity.
Perdue's reformation plan at USDA, also calls for an undersecretary for farm production and conservation, amount other moves.