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Address to the court

Letters to the Editor

My name is Caroline Royall and I came today with many of my neighbors to lend my voice to vehemently oppose the new cell-tower siting in Vanderpool on Cypress Banks road on Foster Ranch.
May I say, first of all, that I wasn't born in Vanderpool but I came as soon as I could. As a matter of fact, I wasn't born in Texas or even in the United Stares. I was born in France and lived there long enough to know what natures' beauty really is. And I can tell you that Vanderpool is every bit as beautiful as so many of France's most treasured parts, if not more.
I came to this area because of it's unique beauty, seclusion, peacefulness and unspoiled character. The historical significance of this area goes beyond the Native American settlements along the Sabinal Canyon. It speaks to the courage of this country's pioneers who settled along the Sabinal river to farm its banks and raise their families. Some of their descendants are in this room today. It also speaks to the people who started from nothing and made a good, decent life for themselves using the land but who knew to respect it and honor it.
Some of the things that distinguish this area from any other in Texas and perhaps in the United States are the untouched and unspoiled nature that defines it and envelops you from the first moment. The hundreds of species of birds, some of them possibly endangered, the deer, armadillos, wild rabbits, wild turkeys, the diverse landscapes, and the clean, cool waters of the Sabinal. This land and its wildlife is breathtaking and restores my soul.
That all this could be spoiled by the reckless construction of a 26-story tall cell tower with bright strobe lights, loud generators and cooling units gives me great pain. It is simply unacceptable and I respectfully ask that you use your power as this county's commissioners to help stop the potential destruction of this unique habitat.
I implore you to help us preserve and protect this land from the encroachment of industrial and commercial ventures by remote actors that have no connection to this land and certainly no love for it.

Thank you for your time.
Caroline Royall