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TX 21... really?

Letters to the Editor

Editor’s note: TX21 Indivisible is an all-volunteer organization that is actively “resisting the Trump agenda,” according to its website. Members reside throughout Congressional District 21, with active members in San Antonio, Austin and Kerrville. The Bandera County Courier hasn’t published anything about TX21 Indivisible to date.

Dear Editor,
I’ve read some articles from TX21 about a town hall with Rep. Lamar Smith. I wonder how many of these people have ever taken the time to participate in one of his telephone town halls. I have, and they are very informative. He answers all questions, even those from the disrupters.
On one tele-town hall I didn’t get to ask a question, but left it in his (voice) mailbox.
Within three days he personally called and we discussed my concerns at length.
Now to the resisters, do you really think Rep. Smith is going to open himself up to your little Soros, Resist Red Cards, and your rude vulgar language? No, Mr. Smith went to Washington with way more common sense than that. Nice try, but you might have better luck down the road with Rep. Castro or over the Austin way.
Bandera County is red and with God’s help it will stay that way. Congressman Smith works hard for all the people of his district and I appreciate his hard work and outreach to his constituents.

Barney B. Mays, Kerrville