Sweet memories

Before I get started on this weeks story, I must report a loss of a friend. A Retired MSgt Marine by the name of C.H. Wyer. He was a good friend and I have known him for a bunch of years. We shared many a laugh together and we had a very good love/hate relationship. I could make him laugh in a New York minute. That Chuck, was something else, he knew a lot about motorcycles and actually sold me a great looking helmet when he heard I purchased a Harley Sportster back in 2004. He even gave me very good advice on riding my Harley. He really was not a Harley Davidson fan, more of a Vulcan motorcycle fellow. We made several visits to see the motorcycles at Destination Cycles on Kerrville. It was alway a good time for us both. He will be missed. God Bless his daughter and family. Chuck, rest in peace my friend.
Now I say this photo of a slot machine showing a win with three cherries brought back a memory that happened in Korea way back in 1969! There I was assigned to HQ Special Troops Eighth US Army. It was a fine unit but a busy one. We had normal days, but accomplished many tasks. A very professional staff and very proud to be a part of that S/2/3 shop. I was involved with the Operations side of the unit. Anyhow, I was off duty and went to have a drink at the Lower 4 Club, as it was named. I noticed this British honor guard fellow leave a slot machine and so I walked up to play the slot machine thinking he was done. When I put in my quarter and pulled the slot machine handle, Low and behold, I got a $25.00 win in quarters! That was such a cool feeling! Then the British Honor Guard troop approached me and said, "Hey, Mate, I was playing that machine and just went to get more quarters." I looked at him and replied, "Well, there was not indication that you were going to return to this slot and your loss is my win, Mate!" He then realized that he did not put his Beret on the slot machine handle which was the correct thing to do before he left the area to get more money. I said, "Sorry, Mate, I am not going to let you have the winnings that I just received from this machine; however, I do like the British Army and therefore I am willing to purchase you a drink of your choice from the Bar." He thought about it a second and replied, "Okay, Mate, that sounds fair enough to me." We had a nice exchange of words and pressed on our separate ways. Oh, by the way, he did not break the bank with some fancy drink, he just ordered a beer off the tap, as I did!