Country Wind Chimes

Before I get started on this weeks story, I want to say a few words about two special folks that have passed away recently. They both had an impact on my life. First was Jane Dry, she was very involved with the program that still is working in Bandera County. She was one of the founders of the Spirit of Christmas. I had the privilege of working with her and my wife Beth was also a part of the program. When my wife was not able to do it any longer due to her health issues, I also gave up the wonderful program. It just wasn't the same without the love of my life and my best friend. I am so pleased that the program is alive and well partly because of Jane Dry. Rest in Peace, Jane.
The other person that we recently lost was Tammy Cavin. She was such a joy to be around and had such a wonderful personality. When I worked with her at the Alkek cafeteria she made the day so special with her positive attitude and that million dollar smile! One day when I was putting commodities in the walk in freezer, some heavy boxes fell on top of me and she was in that walk in like super woman asking if I was okay. I replied, "Yes, Tammy, I just need to find my way out of here!" We had a great laugh and pressed on with the mission. Then one day I got a request for five gallon (empty) pickle buckets for some bus drivers. The empty pickle buckets did smell great. The problem was we were not getting that many requests for pickles from the kids! So I asked to be on the serving line next to Tammy and told her to watch this. The kids would greet me with "Hi, Mr. J. what is that you are serving?" I would reply, "This is alligator meat and it is very good, you might want to try some before it is all gone." Well, that did it I went through ten to fifteen gallons of pickles before you knew it! Tammy as all the other line servers were in complete shock. I just smiled and said, "Ladies it is all just in presentation and that's it." They were impressed with the results. And I had some empty pickle buckets for two to three drivers! What a great day it was. Tammy's husband, Darrell,and I are good friends too. We used to see each other often; however, as with many friends we just get caught up with out daily projects, etc. Anyhow my thoughts are with him and his family at this very sad time of the loss of his bride of 37 years! God Bless.
Well, as the title says, our home place looked like a Texas Wind Chime farm. I had freshly painted Vespa parts all over the area hanging from tree limbs drying. The split rims we purchased in Calf. from a Vespa dealer for my 1964 Vespa! We were on our way back to Texas from Fairchild AFB after my retirement from the USAF. Someone told me about the place in Calf., however, the name of the business slips my mind from 27 years ago. But I do remember it was a wonderful stop and we spent a bit more than initially planned. Now those 27 year old parts that have been in storage are coming in handy. They'll look great on the restored scooter!