Donnie Reed

Gee, I lost another friend, Robert Donald "Donnie" Reed. He and his wife Patricia Ann Harris Reed were a wonderful couple. Pat, as we called her, preceded Donnie in passing away a few years ago. She and Donnie gave Beth and me a wonderful housewarming gift a heart shaped rug we placed in front of our fireplace. Pat did a wonderful job creating such a wonderful piece of art. Now Donnie served in the United States Army during the Viet Nam War and he once told me that he was in the movie "The Green Berets" staring John Wayne. The Duke as John Wayne was known did a scene in the 1968 movie where Donnie was his jeep driver. That was a pretty big deal in my book. Anyhow Donnie was also a very good mechanic and did some work on my wife's car and got my old 82 GMC truck back on the road again with a new distributor that replaced my worn out one. He really enjoyed what he did and I will never forget when he told me that I was closing the hood on my 1999 Escalade wrong. I said, "Donnie, how in the world can that be? It closed, didn't it?" He laughed and said always close the hood from the side. So I did and for some reason it seemed to close easier. Anyhow he knew his stuff and I will always value his friendship and that of his lovely wife, Patricia. Beth and I send our condolences to his family. God Bless.