Center Point Parade milestone for Chicken-Man

Editor’s note: My apologies, Doug.
Before I get started on this week’s story, I must add a part of last week’s story that was accidentally left out. There was a photo that looked like it was the only story and there was no mention of the second parade, so here goes:
My second parade was on the 4th of July in Fredericksburg and it was a bit larger than last year’s with 150 plus floats!  Even though I did not get to visit with them, Lexi, Abby and Reese gave me a shout when they saw the Chicken Car. The crowd was huge, and l was very pleased that I had a pretty full tank of fuel! I want to thank the Comfort Chamber of Commerce for putting on a great parade and also want to thank the Fredericksburg 4th of July organizers for a very wonderfully done parade. Even with 150 plus floats the parade could not have gone more smoothly!
Now for the milestone parade, it was the Center Point "Down Home Country Parade on July 8. Twenty-two years ago, it was my first parade in the renowned now iconic, Church's Chicken Car. If you would have told me that I would still be driving the Chicken Car 22 years later, I would have said, "You better believe it, I am your Chicken-Man!  Actually, I find it flattering that the title Chicken Man is now associated with me. Gotta love it!
The Center Point parade will always be special to me not just because it was my first parade in the Chicken Car, but because it is such a wonderful place. Believe it or not, my 23rd Center Point parade was as much fun and exciting as it was the first time. It will always remain a place dear to my heart. Oh, by the way. The parade since those 22 years has grown larger each year!
I want to take this opportunity to thank Dolly Coldwell, chairman of the parade committee and her staff for one great down-home country parade!
Now here's a heads up notice of an upcoming parade in Bandera. The 2017 Labor Day parade will be at 11 am, Saturday, Sept. 2. So mark your calendar. I hope to see you there.