Helping Hand’s biannual bag sale

For a few days, at least, a so-called “cold front” has swept across Texas dragging temperatures into the 70s. And the respite from the heat has inspired the folks at the Helping Hand Crisis Center to set their twice-yearly bag sale for Tuesday and Wednesday, Oct. 24 and 25.
For just $10, shoppers can stuff as many clothes as possible into a bag provided by thrift store personnel. (Hint: Rolling, rather than folding, clothes allows more to be packed not only into paper bags but also suitcases.)
And, those who think that only sheer, summery outfits and separates are still available should be disabused of that notion. The always-full clothing racks at Helping Hand Thrift Store, 1116 12th St., include many transitional pieces that can be worn from fall to spring if South Central Texas cooperates with a mild winter.
Jesse Parks, executive director, has offered these tips to help thin the thrift’s racks of clothing and provide bargains to valued customers:
Those who love brightly colored pants or trousers can simply pair them with long-sleeved black or other solid-colored matching tops instead of sleeveless blouses.
For days that start chilly, but end with temps in the 50s, 60s or even the 80s, just throw on a light jacket or vest until respite arrives.
Sneakers, good-looking workout gear or even sweats and leggings transcend the seasons and can be worn throughout the year.
A new (to you!) handbag instantly updates a look.
Add tights to any short summer dress and as the fall turns into winter, pop on a pair of shorty boots.
Retire tops that bare midriffs until next April.
Wear a denim jacket over a favorite maxi dress or a cropped mini-sweater over a long-tailed men’s shirt.
All clothing items mentioned are readily available at the Helping Hand Thrift.
And, to employ a dreaded cliché, the store always carries clothing for men and children, including racks of denim and plus sizes, as well as glittery separates and evening frocks. Those looking for economical ways to expand their wardrobes for fall, winter and the upcoming holiday season are advised to visit Helping Hand on Oct. 24 and 25, where bargains abound.
After the sale, the thrift will be closed on Thursday and Friday, Oct. 26 and 27, to enable the staff to restock items for fall, winter and the holidays. Helping Hand will reopen at 9 a.m., Monday, Oct. 30.
For more information, call 830-796-8300.